• IT Hurdle.
  • Today's IT professionals play many roles: development, testing, technology migration, and training, to name just few. Unfortunately, increased responsibilities don't always come with a larger staff. Many IT departments end up juggling too many projects without enough resources. In a world driven increasingly by Information Technology, that's simply dangerous.

    24 Hours turn around time
    To develop a strong strategic association with you by being your primary choice of companies for IT professional services.

    Synergic is the solution to your IT Staffing needs when hiring freezes leave clients shorthanded or developmental projects that are in need of technical assistance.

Staffing Services

Flexibility in hiring: Synergic is the solution to your IT staffing needs when our clients are shorthanded or developmental projects that are in need of technical assistance.

Synergic has emerged to support client's IT needs by utilizing its staff augmentation expertise acquired over the years through innovative & dynamic staffing strategies & models to deliver quality-staffing resources for the cost-effective solutions. Our recruiting team constitutes of highly qualified graduates with extensive experience in recruiting professionals in all the cutting edge technologies with interpersonal skills. We thoroughly understand client's staffing needs to deliver the most qualified professionals with proven track record who are able to step in and work with the client hand in hand from the start to finish of the deliverable.

We make it easy and flexible for our clients when it comes to hiring. We offer three types of staffing services. Based on your need, you may choose one of these three options. Our clients are often delighted by the options they are given.

Temporary Staffing: When your staffing need is temporary and of course looking for a specific skill we can provide the qualified professionals on an hourly or daily rate basis.
Permanent Staffing: When you have an open permanent position, we will surely help you to find the right fit.
Temp - Perm Staffing: Some employers prefer to hire people on a temporary basis and try out for few months. When they are comfortable with the hired professional, they offer a permanent position.

Whether a client needs to recruit top talent, manage contractors, or implement an IT project under a tight schedule, we will be there. And we will exceed the client's expectations. When we hire people, we make sure that they have suitable academic background with ample industry experience. We also train them on various technologies to fill the gaps and to face changing technological needs. We encourage their professional growth and prepare them for challenging assignments at leading employers. All our employees are thoroughly screened to ensure they meet the high standards established by Synergic and fit within each client's environment.

What is Right?
Reflective of our philosophy and indispensable to value realization is the principle that IT projects can best be completed successfully, on time and on budget with the:
  • Right People
  • Right Tools
  • Right Place
  • Right Time

We understand that implementing a data warehousing solution at a Pharmaceutical company is not the same as implementing a data warehousing solution at a start-up eCommerce firm. Our industry experience runs deep, marrying the knowledge of our people-industry-specific thought leaders and specialized teams of seasoned professionals-with the wisdom of lessons learned.


Project Services

At Synergic, we provide organizations with the technical expertise for developing solutions and their tactical deployment. Soon Synergic professionals become an integral part of a client's IT team. As a result IT projects can be successfully completed on time and within budget.

Synergic believes in establishing a solid foundation to realize value from our client's IT systems. It begins with the fundamentals of knowing who you are, where you are and what you are doing. By leveraging off our strong IT staffing business, Synergic can bring unprecedented levels of expertise in:

- Working with our Project Managers to understand the scope of the project and its requirements
- Structuring risk-sharing engagements to partner on a long term and strategic basis
- Bringing the right skill set to bear for the right job by leveraging off our vast network of skilled IT consultants

Synergic focuses on project-based opportunities in several areas of expertise including Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Mobile Applications, Data warehousing, Web Services, and Quality & Validation Services. Within these areas of focus, we are knowledgeable with practical experience in specific industries and skill sets.
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